Storyteller, filmmaker, photographer, writer, builder. My work can be seen in print and on websites. Currently working on the final stages of a documentary.


select clients

Patagonia, Carhartt, King Arthur Flour, Canoe and Kayak, Portland Gear Hub, Brant & Cochran, Kamp Grizzly, Tacorazon

select published work

Canoe and Kayak, Sift Magazine, Wonder South Journal, Sierra Magazine, Adventure Sports Network



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A 1,155-mile expedition, paddling on the lower Mississippi River celebrating the completion of the Rivergator, launching a multi-platform project of: digital video, feature-length documentary, public speaking presentation, 360° VR content, editorial photography, recipe development, and more.

Rivergator, Sift Magazine, L.L. Bean, Clarksdale Press Register, Wonder South Journal, Sierra Magazine, Canoe and Kayak

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Video produced for fundraising efforts developing a youth apprentice mechanic program at the Portland Gear Hub, a nonprofit bike and outdoor gear shop dedicated to repair, education, and adventure. Photos for website as well. They're just so nice.

Portland Gear Hub


Partnership with an outdoor cookware company as a recipe ambassador by creating meals and cooking them in their wares and sharing on their website. 

GSI Outdoors


Brant & Cochran

Developed photo and video for web, social, and crowdfunding with a startup bringing a time honored axe-making legacy back to Maine. Product videos and mostly guys swinging axes and hitting hot steel and drinking beer.


Multimedia web and social media content created for the socially-conscious restaurant in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, sourcing from local and organic family farms in the region. This is me and Doña Marta holding her tomatoes!



An artist so humble and sweet, talented above all as a painter living and working in Charleston, SC.  Waggoner's work merited some sort of filmic piece to document her process - if even for one brief moment in time.

Alex Waggoner Artist Video


Designed, invented, sourced, milled, shaped, carved, finished, and sold Avocado Boards since 2014. Solving the problem of serving avocados on the half-shell as the focus of a course in a food-retail setting (that wasn't guac or on toast)(nothing against them).

California Avocado Festival (2015, 2016), Portland Public Library Makers Fair @ PPL (2016), Santa Barbara News-Press, Santa Barbara Men's Garden Club



A guerrilla-style documentary shot in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. The film focuses on mistreatment of the porters of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the men and women upon whose back the mountaineering industry is quite literally reliant. Funded by the Jacques Salmanowitz Program for Moral Courage in Film.

Porters on the Stone of God (2011)

Created with Benjamin Key.


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