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Central Park

A year ago today, what were you doing? Maybe check your text messages, email archive paper calendar, or notebooks that never leave your side. Always interesting what you'll find.

Up early, I was hopping in the makeshift leather bike saddle that my bum knows so well - exposed metal rivets, pant-discoloring leather upper, etc. - and made my way to Central Park to film a marriage proposal.

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Good Things

Every once in a while, someone suggests a novel in which you find yourself engrossed vehemently. Perhaps it's a page-turner, and you can't put it down. Maybe it's a bit slower on the uptake, but you enjoy having something of a habit around the small moments you get to indulge.

From Siddhartha

It is a good thing to experience everything oneself, he thought. 

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Charleston, SC

Perhaps it was the elegantly designed home - exquistely historical for the quiet of a Downtown Charleston - as setting for a work weekend. Or, perhaps it was the way two friends turn into colleagues and business partners for a day. Make no mistake, a weekend of lookbook photography in Charleston, SC turned out new friendship, successful work, and a new appreciation for an incredibly easy-to-love American city.

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