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On a clear, dusk-painted night scene, Peter, Matt, and I stumble over our feet with ecstasy. We embrace. It’s one of those holds from the middle person, in between the two others flanked at either side. Our weight is borne down by cajoling limbs that feel like brotherhood could be the only reason they weighed so heavily.

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Proving Points

There is a woman on Avenue A and 6th street. She is crossing from east to west with a group of people, it appears, after dinner.

I, myself, didn't see the traffic signal, but I'm fairly certain it was changing to red. But already the clique was nearly across the street.

Ten meters from the cub, this woman changes step. She turns south-facing, throws her head down, and braces herself.

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Central Park

A year ago today, what were you doing? Maybe check your text messages, email archive paper calendar, or notebooks that never leave your side. Always interesting what you'll find.

Up early, I was hopping in the makeshift leather bike saddle that my bum knows so well - exposed metal rivets, pant-discoloring leather upper, etc. - and made my way to Central Park to film a marriage proposal.

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Good Things

Every once in a while, someone suggests a novel in which you find yourself engrossed vehemently. Perhaps it's a page-turner, and you can't put it down. Maybe it's a bit slower on the uptake, but you enjoy having something of a habit around the small moments you get to indulge.

From Siddhartha

It is a good thing to experience everything oneself, he thought. 

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