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Charleston, SC

Perhaps it was the elegantly designed home - exquistely historical for the quiet of a Downtown Charleston - as setting for a work weekend. Or, perhaps it was the way two friends turn into colleagues and business partners for a day. Make no mistake, a weekend of lookbook photography in Charleston, SC turned out new friendship, successful work, and a new appreciation for an incredibly easy-to-love American city.

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Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

There's something special about the coffee house with the craft beer and bluegrass band stomping out in the backyard. Or perhaps it's important enough to note that the outdoor patio at Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer feels more like the backyard of a home than haven to vibrant and boisterous youth, caffeine hounds, and a local group of musicians.

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Black Tap Coffee

The first stop on our whirlwind work weekend in Charleston, SC had to be coffee. A uniting gastronomy, good coffee now serves as the launch pad for the weary traveler and pair of colleagues on a mission to get creative for a weekend's worth of photography.

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