Rogue Workshop STL

Here is small business and beautiful work by Drew and Nicolette Pritchett. I met Nico and Drew last June in St. Louis, MO, while shooting a documentary with friends, last summer. Nico brought over breakfast provisions for cantaloupe bowls; we made coffee on the stovetop in the Airstream. We saw them on Cherokee St., had a nightcap with them at their beautiful home with their two furry kids, Carl and Norma Jean. Later in the week, we would crash Nicolette's Family Reunion in Rushville, Illinois and form a strong friendship.

From their website:

Rogue Workshop is Drew Pritchett and his wife Nicolette. They were both raised to believe no talent should go to waste, there is value in doing things yourself and we should be responsible stewards of our planet.  Using these foundational ideals, the couple set up shop in the basement of their St. Louis home.  Out of a need to furnish their own dwelling, Drew polished his skills of creation, and Nicolette honed her eye for design and leadership of the business.
Why buy new, cheaply made furniture when there are endless ways to reuse pieces from the past? If you have an idea, it can be created using things right in your own neighborhood or even back yard.  A baby crib left for the trash trucks can be turned into a beautiful table top. All of those fence posts your neighbor just ripped up can be transformed into patio chairs, or a giant cowboy hat birdhouse. 
They specialize in:
- Modern but classic furniture.  Completely unique and mostly one-off pieces inspired by the materials themselves.  Drews designs are focused on functionality and durability.  
- Custom commercial spaces, furniture, displays, signage and more.  Every business is unique, and shouldn't have to spend thousands for a unique space.
- Illustration and logo design. Pen and ink, digital, chalk, whatever you need.



St. Louis, MO