It's been two months since leaving Burlington, VT, for Emily and Drew's beautiful wedding on Lake Champlain. I had just return from a healthy trip to San Francisco/ Los Angeles for THE DACEY WEDDING and some necessary R + R at home. There were but two days to pack up a year's worth of posterity and accumulation before setting off northbound towards Grand Isle Lake House.

The Grand Isle Lake House is a quaint, multi-story home, situated on a small shore between North and South Hero, VT - about thirty minutes driving distance from Burlington. It had all the charm of a B&B, but the efficiency of a wedding vendor.

Emily Gore and I met when she phoned me, two years ago, to offer me a fellowship for the non-profit she worked for, Pencils of Promise. I responded to a tweet:

...and by 12pm on a Sunday afternoon in November, I was on the phone with a woman named Emily, booking flights to travel to Guatemala. I boarded a midnight flight 11 hours from the end of that phone call—a day I'll never forget.

And so it seems that after three years of knowing Emily - and having had the good fortune to meet her husband Drew - the cyclical nature of it all has led me to tell the story of her wedding.

Reuniting with old Pencils of Promise co-workers (read: de facto roommates and best of friends in Nicaragua and Laos) and being in New England at the end of summer appeared enough for me. 

We then spent the Rehearsal Dinner at Magic Hat Brewery in - what I'm told - was the only private event the venue has ever had. With school-bus rides betwixt the venue and the brewery at sunset's golden hour, the wedding weekend proved to be off to a great start.

Albeit blustery and sunny on wedding day, spirits and energy were high, and allowed for Emily's stunning dress to blow happily in the wind towards her husband's first look before the ceremony.

Shannon Grant photographed the day, and was a pleasure to work alongside. The selection of photographs from the day are featured here: and they are something special.

After an appropriately comforting hangover brunch on Sunday, everyone departed. And although some of us ate the worst lunch in the history of midday meals, in one of the weirdest towns in New York (Lake George), the weekend was otherwise memorable for all of the right reasons.

Lastly, the music choice. I always end up in rabbit holes trying to find the right song to score each wedding film. It's for this reason that I would rather you, the viewer, never watch one of these pieces without music. If you are at work looking for a distraction, stop, unless you have headphones. The Family Crest is an orchestral indie band from San Francisco, and their song "Marry Me" stunned me. I watched the entirety of their performance on NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts and it hooked me. Their blend of classical influence, with the energy-driven lead vocals,  builds until a sharp, momentous turning point drives the rest of the film "home," so to speak.

In case you weren't there, or if you care to indulge in the weekend again. And again. And again...Chills, tears, and smiles are welcome. Here is the film:

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Below are some photographs I took from the setting, merely as a friend and guest, before and after the official event took place.