Lisa and Danny German Wedding Film 2015

Danny studied at the University of Edinburgh a couple of years ago. So did Lisa. Danny and Lisa got together, got engaged, and got hitched in the years following this lucky meeting. The wedding was outside Frankfurt, Germany in the small village in which Lisa grew up. Hoccheim am Main near the Rhine River, wineries and vineyards all around, with a completely walkable and bikeable network of streets that made a three day/three night wedding weekend all the more enjoyable. Every member of both families - friends inclusive - played instrumental roles in the execution of the weekend, from coordinating surprises, decorating, cooking, and hosting. This team effort, totally “DIY,” intimate German wedding of a great friend will remain as one of my favorite thus far. 

Watch Wedding Highlight Film here:

Song: "Grace of a Woman" by the Elephant Revival

Select images from the wedding weekend:

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