Francis and the Lights

If ya'll aren't hip to Francis + The Lights, here's a little reverse-intro:

F+TL feat. Bon Iver, Kanye: 

It was the mashing-up of those two songs in my head that spurred this thought process.

 Like Francis dancing? Watch this beautiful piece:

Want more pop-culture relevance bc you're a sub-millennial or out of touch? With Chance:

Now you're really into Francis + The Lights, so you do what I did four years ago and listen to this flawless set from 2011:


Then you were really into the direction of the video, and notice that Jake Schreier works with Francis a lot, and made a bunch of these. And amidst these moments of revelation, you find a promo for Donnie Trumpet's album, Surf, with this video:

AND FINALLY! You were all "Who is Donnie Trumpet?" and find out that he is part of Chance the Rapper's crew, and released an album with the Social Experiment, and that the short film to this second-to-last song on the album is very fun; more fun than you thought you could have: and proceed to consume the entire album!