Erin + Nick Wedding Video

I always tell people who are in the business of asking about moving to Los Angeles to be decisive about which neighborhood they land. “You should choose to live in the same hamlet or village where you work,” I say. Otherwise, they might loathe the burden of living within driving distance from everything - which is how childhood looked for a lot of us who grew up in the throes of highway commuting.

I have not lived in Los Angeles as an adult, and every opportunity to return brings new perspective to such a familiar city.

Erin and I met in the 6th grade. We kissed - along with at least two of her bridal party - while playing spin the flashlight in the 8th grade, at a school-sanctioned campout every Memorial Day weekend (the timing is uncanny, isn’t it?). I will take pride in the fact that back then, we got to experience El Capitan State Campgrounds before it became bougie glamping. It was the year that I took my Sony Walkman in the car, outfitted with but one cd: Lynyrd Skynyrd Greatest Hits.

I listened to "Free Bird" 10 times in a row from Los Angeles through Santa Barbara. It was approximately that many plays of the nine minute song before our car pulled up to the grounds. It is because of this car ride that I know how to do this.

If memory serves, Erin and I might have even "dated." For a week or two. I remember writing her a letter that was to land in her school’s version of an 8th grade Time Capsule. Natasha and Erin and I went to Delores Restaurant on Santa Monica for some sort of weekly tradition, at some point before it shut its doors a handful of years ago.

Similarly, Nick and I have many shared experiences through high school.

We played water polo beginning in the summer of freshman year with Eric aka Creature aka Creatch aka He's Now A Doctor. The three of us lived on the team as, functionally, trainers for the better players. “Red Squad” was a colorful and plain way to call us “Last String” or “Third Team” on Varsity by senior year. We all had a lot of heart, I remember.

Somewhere during the time we also participated in the Social Justice Club and attended the SOA protest at Fort Benning, Georgia. Bright-eyed, ambitious, with virgin stomachs to Waffle House, we took a trip that has become a hallmark in my memories of school days.

During the bulk of this time, Nick and Erin dated through high school. They attended Villanova University (together) and remained a couple. Will and I visited Erin and Austin in London for an evening in November of 2009.

This was  very special wedding to me for myriad reasons. I so fondly know the bride and groom, as well as their parents. Shared experiences between us go beyond the immediacy of our friendship, and this weekend certainly revealed that.

As icing on the cake, I have to thank Stephanie Koury with the music supervision on this wedding video. She works as music supervisor for a living, and has been following along with my wedding videos for a while now. When we got together in Los Angeles after years of not seeing one another, we dove deep into musical conversation and her interest in helping with this little project for friends. Thanks to you Steph, we’ve got this exceptional track as the foundation that improves the viewing and emotions of this recap video from a February weekend in Santa Monica.

Palihouse was where the gals got ready, and I never knew its existence until this weekend. Great choice for preparations because it felt like a Hollywood apartment, with great wallpaper and coffee, to boot.

I guess because the reception for the wedding was at the Bel Air Bay Club, we spent the evening in Malibu, after getting married in Brentwood - on Sunset Boulevard - at St. Martin of Tours.

I could go further into detail about the details and wonderful aspects of the wedding weekend, but I will leave it at this: this wedding was one of the classiest, well-done, and most beautiful affairs I've captured to-date. This is, to Leslie, Lisa, Cait, and Austin's credits, a spot-on epitome of Erin and Nick's personalities, all wrapped up in a Los Angeles weekend.

Below are the vendors from the weekend. I loved working with and around Laurie and her camera. Sarah and her team created some beautiful made-up ladies in a tiny room in Santa Monica. Alana, you did a very wonderful month-of coordination whose impact I could feel from getting ready, until the end of the night.

Photographer: Laurie Bailey

Floral Design: Effusive Flowers

Hair/Make-up: Sarah Wilson

Live Band: Soulville

Wedding Coordination: An Honored Event / Alana Ulloa and Reem Naaman

Music: "Weathered" by Jack Garratt

Without further ado...