Danielle and Mark | #HisAndHerzWedding

I have known Danielle for nearly a decade. We met in the first few days of freshman year at Boston College, because she lived down the hall from a friend to whom I was attracted. They practically lived together - given how much time they spent as new friends - and thus, in pursuit of the young lady of my eye, we three spent a lot of time together.

It wasn't until our senior year in 2010 when I first met Mark. And, with a grin on my face, I will forever remember that afternoon. Upon leaving Danielle's mod and "nice to meet you" to Mark, he looks at both of us and remarks "Danielle, Chris is by far the coolest friend you have." I knew I liked the guy immediately.

Fast forward to the East Village in New York in the summer of 2013. I wake up at my brother's apartment - at the time, juggling barback work at the new Maiden Lane on Tompkins Square Park as well as the throes of wedding videography. Without much of a plan, nor with much more than 15% phone battery available, I hop on my bike and embark for Montclair, NJ. After nearly 3 hours and 35 miles in the saddle, having gotten lost using only map and turn list screenshots, I arrive and spend the afternoon and evening with Danielle and Mark, her wonderful family of ladies, and their friends out in NJ. Mark is the King of the BBQ, cooking up his dad's burger recipe. I think some people from a New Jersey reality show are there. We swim in their pool and relax in the hot tub. We play games and it is truly a wonderful time.

Sometime during the first five minutes of my arrival, Danielle pulls me aside and suggests I talk to Mark about proposing ASAP so I can film their wedding.


Below is the early summer wedding weekend for the #HisAndHerzWedding. My lovely assistant Amanda helped capture additional footage, so we could be in two places at once - like when we filmed the Tuozzo wedding together in Sardegna last September.

Joan Glenn was the planner ( and pulled off a spectacular weekend affair. Her team and work were both incredibly hospitable, kind, and easy to work with. Rich Schaub was the photographer ( and his 2nd shooter Darren Squashic ( were great to be alongside, as well. The few photos I have seen have been stunning.  The gentlemen at Mystical Entertainment Group ( were by far some of the best emcees and party-starters I have witnessed at a wedding. Not only do they balance appearing fun and professional simultaneously, but interacting with them throughout the event (during which time, the dance floor never emptied over 3+ hours) and speaking with them after, I very much enjoyed their work. 

In order to do the wedding films the way I do, the music sync is just as important as the visuals. There is an artist residing in Los Angeles, Mia Dyson ( who just released a new album. The song "Based on Your Eyes" could not be any more perfect for this wedding. The lyrics capture the soul of the couple. The beginning romance is mirrored by the slow, coursing piano and guitar. By the end, with larger choral arrangement and build do we feel the pulse of the dance floor and energy from Mark, Danielle, and all their friends and family. It is with permission from the artist that I used this song - and she is charming, if even just through email. 

Lastly, I must note the ease with which it was to work with friends like Danielle and Mark on this one. Danielle, at every turn of the weekend, asked to make sure I was doing okay, having fun, or had a drink nearby. Mark, in the middle of his Saturday night fever - sweat pouring down from the mohawk and drenching his dapper waistcoat - made sure to grab my camera from me, and film me and my lady, if only for a minute. He is the only groom to ever do this! He made sure I felt like I was there, apart of the evening, and not just a wedding vendor. I'll never forget it.

I hope you enjoy this new music to your ears, and a beautiful wedding weekend to your eyes. 

Eagles on the Warpath.

Your weekend videography team for the weekend: