Black Rabbit Barbershop

Two weeks ago, on a Friday night in Bushwick, NY before the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Rabbit Barbershop hosted a mid-month party. Matthew Baker opened his shop this year, and I finally made it down to celebrate with him, his friends, and clients.

It was almost three years ago that I was rushing on foot across Midtown, along East 41st Street. Headed to Sedona, AZ to accompany Lizzy to Kristen and Evan's beautiful wedding, I was in dire need of a haircut. (I was already in dire need of suitable attire for the weekend, the reason my old boss Geoff loaned me his blazer that cost nearly half a year of my Harlem apartment's rent.) Finding a good barber in New York was a troubling and fickle endeavor, until I found Old Tyme Barbers near Grand Central. Although it wasn't the affordable prices in 2013 ($25 cuts that raised to $35 in a year's time) or the amazing Art Deco building that brought me in - it was Matthew.

It was the first time in his chair that I learned a lot about the guy. He has a storied past, hopping trains around the country, some gnarly body art, and a great conversationalist. Baker not only remembered me upon my multiple returns over the course of two years, but when I suggested my casual interest in barbering, he offered opportunities to learn on a Saturday at his home, or to stay awhile at the barbershop on the weekend. 

Earlier this year, before the shop opened, I made a long trip from Washington Heights to Bushwick to get a cut in his basement during the build-out of the beautiful new joint on 53 Porter Ave. He chats politics, philosophy, or relationships. He's a great, straightforward barber.

Two weeks ago, on a quick trip to to New York, I brought Ben last minute to Black Rabbit for their mid-month party. Matthew and Brittany's friends and patrons showed up from 6-11pm for free beard trims and shaves (and burgers + all you can drink Jameson), and it was great. Lots and lots of Luz-the-dog being adorable, and good barbering by Matthew and Lou. 

The evening was sponsored by Jameson, with free Duncan's Burgers, with more partying to come.

In the meantime: make appointments through the website, hang out, and stay a while.

Thanks to Matthew + Brittany + Luz.

♪ "Raise Hell" by DOROTHY off their forthcoming album.

53 Porter Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237