Central Park

A year ago today, what were you doing? Maybe check your text messages, email archive paper calendar, or notebooks that never leave your side. Always interesting what you'll find.

Up early, I was hopping in the makeshift leather bike saddle that my bum knows so well - exposed metal rivets, pant-discoloring leather upper, etc. - and made my way to Central Park to film a marriage proposal.

Marriage proposals are become quite lavish and over-the-top ventures these days. So much so, that proposal Planners and consultants are actual jobs to be had in our flourishing economy.

Central Park is an interesting meeting place, recreational park, and world famous tourist attraction on the island of New York, because landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and his senior partner Calvert Vaux (more commonly just 'Olmsted and Vaux') devised it under strict city ordinances. And it's not even their most crowning achievement, nor their favored project (cf: Prospect Park). Yet millions are drawn to it and its history, and the mid-city expanse plays a vital role within a socially active metropolis: bringing people together.

Tiziano flew to New York from Switzerland and asked his cousin, Fabrizio, to find someone to film his proposal to then girlfriend, Tamara, on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. She also thought it was just her March 26th birthday that they were celebrating. Fabrizio got in touch after having worked together with Amanda Greeley's first fashion venture (küning - click here) during Fashion Week at the Empire Hotel (presentation - click here). It worked out.

Spending several hours on food and on bicycle with camera in hand, the Central Park Proposal was filmed and soon pieced together to form the first half of a nice love story:

One year later, plans are in the works to fly to Sardegna, Italy, to complete this romantic journey in the fall of 2014.

Do we love the pageantry of a proposal because they are grounded in history of marriage? Because they're nerve-racking sometimes? For the same reason people indulge in high school Prom pageantry, perhaps, there is something enticing about the aspect of 'putting on a show' of your emotions.

Recently at dinner, going over the ludicrous goings-on of high school prom culture, what dawned on me was more of a push-back sentiment to long and involved proposals.

Isn't it equally - if not more - special to calmly, serenely, and intimately convey such a powerful message and conversation in deep privacy? Because relationships sometimes feel like a coat of armor that protects the insides, as well as the outside. So maybe to strengthen the thing that keeps our motors running, by oiling the engine and not by shining the hubcaps, seems like an appropriate thing to do. Just as much as it is to proclaim out in the open, in front of your friends and family, your hopes and dreams. (Pardon the randomly placed car analogy.)

Turns out Rich Battaglia will be cooking three meals a day at Ebbio (, a Tuscan villa/farmhouse-turned-yoga-retreat, the same time I'm filming this wedding. If anyone's in Italy from May - October I might have a pit-stop for you to make during travels.

Working abroad brings me a lot of pleasure, and working to share interesting stories through new and adventurous projects proves an awesome way to spend time - I've found.

"...there are two kinds of work in this world: altering the position of matter on earth, and telling other people to alter the position of matter on earth." - Bertrand Russell (agnostic philosopher)

So, can anyone 'move some matter on earth' and squeeze in a Quarter-Life birthday celebration in Italy this September? I reckon the southern coast of Italy is nice and balmy that time of the year.