Queen St. Grocery

Queen St. Grocery proves another storefront worth visiting. The cyclist with the California Republic bicycle socks, the crepes, and amazing selection of grocery items felt right. This is the kind of place I'd like to have on the corner. Frankly, it should be the type of place everyone should want to have on the corner in their neighborhood. A lot like my favorite Jackson Market in Los Angeles, Queen St. Grocery serves as the epitome of a locally appreciated and run business - that just so happens to be nestled among beautiful residential blocks in an incredibly charming part of Charleston.

Unlike most food retail and service establishments that attempt to recreate this environment with engaging employees, tasteful and casual atmosphere, as well as good quality products, the prices here are fair, and the variety is worth writing home about. Too often will the manufactured atmosphere of a neighborhood's newest or trendiest gem be less impressive than the quality of the product, itself.

Curious to hear about your neighborhood Queen, wherever she is in the world, cause I've found mine.

Chris BattagliaComment