Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer

There's something special about the coffee house with the craft beer and bluegrass band stomping out in the backyard. Or perhaps it's important enough to note that the outdoor patio at Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer feels more like the backyard of a home than haven to vibrant and boisterous youth, caffeine hounds, and a local group of musicians.

I'm told Bill Murray frequents this place. That's a wonderful coincidence, for his nephews are close friends from home in Los Angeles. We grew up together, for all it's worth, and personally I don't care to refer to either of them unless it's the affectionate "Biscuit." So maybe I see their uncle here, that would be pleasant. I would have something to say worth more than an autograph or praise of his work.

I find solace in hearing my green-rim bespectacled friend Josh recount his run-in with Murray a while back at this very same joint. Conspicuous until exiting the coffee shop, Murray stops Josh in his tracks to compliment the flamboyant pants he chose to wear that day. More importantly, and on the day of my visit, the same object (man) of Murray's fashion praise, prompts the barista to make the hardest and most involved beverage to make behind the coffee bar. Extraordinarily, the staff complies and has a grand time doing so. Good times gravitate to Kudu.

The open floor plan and high ceilings attract the buzz from the crowded patio outside and affectionate two-tops inside. Endearing waitstaff behind the bar talk shop and casually run the place. Dogs and babies and steel string guitars politely litter the space outside, among the all-but-unwinding energy of happy cafe patrons.